Max Guedy

Digital Marketing Specialist

Growth hacking. Since 2005.

I've been working in the digital space for well over a decade and have built a solid set of skills that allow me to exponentially grow businesses online - with a focus on travel companies and fintech startups.
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I obsess over brand positioning, SEO, optimizing conversions & ROI.

Some of my achievements include : 

✅ Founded Myows, a startup counting over 35 000 users

✅ Part of the growth team that tripled Yoco's userbase

✅ Increased a holiday rental company's bookings by 180%

✅ Launched a handful of successful new brand identities 

✅ Crafted high-ROI advertising campaigns and landing pages
✅ Jury at the World International Advertising Awards 2017

Guedy, at the forefront of his field, realigned his client's online marketing strategy to benefit from the shift in Google's ranking algorithms

30 July 2016

06 September 2018

2009 - Present


2012 - 2016

Marketing Director

June 2017 - Present

Growth Consultant

✅ Conversion rate up by 30%
✅ Adwords CPA down by 50% 

✅ Monthly new merchants doubled

✅ Ranked #1 for "Credit Card Machine"

✅ Growth targets successfully met

✅ Leader in it's category, unique set of features

✅ Over 35,000 users from 150 countries

✅ Ranked #1 for "Free copyright Protection"

✅ 12% homepage conversion rate

✅ Award-winning design and usability

✅ Doubled the organic traffic

✅ Increased conversion rate by over 40%

✅ Successful content marketing strategy

✅ Rebranding, further cementing leader status

✅ Bookings up by 180%

✅ "Safari" brand identity
✅ Woocommerce website


✅ Adwords & Facebook ads

✅ "Sophisticated" brand identity
✅ Prestashop website

✅ Content marketing & SEO

✅ #1 adult shop in SA

✅ "Active" brand identity
✅ Wordpress website

✅ Conversion optimisation
✅ Tagline: "GET HOOKED"

✅ "Boutique" brand identity
✅ Wordpress website

✅ Conversion optimisation
✅ CPC campaigns

I've created adword campaigns (up to R1.000.000/month) that out-performed previous costs-per-acquisition by at least 35% for many local fintech brands:

Adword campaigns

Since 2005, French ad agencies contract me to hand-code email campaigns - 

their accompanying landing pages and display banners - for these well-known brands:

Email campaigns, landing pages, mini-sites and animated banners

Ecommerce, reporting & 

marketing tools I work with daily

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